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Buttlift? The real deal!

Today, women want to look and feel fabulous aesthetically and one of the things we are most concerned about is a dropping derriere or buttocks that is generated by lack of exercise, causing muscle hypotonicity or atrophic muscle.

Fortunately, this plastic surgeon does a buttock lift endoscopically, where he can -through small ports of entry; locate the gluteus muscle and lift it, making the buttocks harmoniously designed and firm challenging the laws of gravity.

For this procedure 2 incisions are made of about 0,5 cm in the gluteal fold. Results can be seen immediately after surgery and get better after the healing time.

This procedure is also very compatible with a brazilian buttlift or fatgrafting. First we would do a liposculpture and then inject the fat AND tense the muscles all in the same surgery!

The grafted fat is also supercharged with stemcells for those wanting a vixen look.

This surgeon can work miracles with very little.

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