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How much does a ........cost ?

In Colombia there are no fixed prices. It all depends on how much work the surgeon has on you. The more work, the more you pay. You will always need to do a virtual consult first. Depending on the advice from the plastic surgeon and the time he orders you to stay in Cali after your operation, we will make an all included price based on the days you need to stay in the city for recovery

What's a virtual consult?

A virtual consult is basically a consult through the internet by our special form or through mail with photographs​ emailed by you. The surgeon will evaluate your pictures giving you ; advice, a price quote and an estimated recovery time based upon your wishes. A virtual consult  cost $120 for a quote with up to 2 different plastic surgeons and without any obligations!

Just fill in our virtual consult form and receive your quote.

When you book your surgery through us, you'll get a refund of 50% from your virtual consult. And it will be deducted from your quote.


* Forms are best filled in on a computer or laptop, if you don't have acces to one and the form doesn't work properly on your mobile device you are allowed to start a virtual consult by email or phone: WHATSAPP. However you must send all of the information. Once all of it is collected and complete we'll start your virtual consult.

What kind of pictures do I send for a virtual consult?

Always try to send the best quality pictures, so it's easier to see for the surgeon. Pictures are best taken on plain backgrounds with as little other things as possible near you. If it's body work you want, then make sure you take of your clothes. You can keep on your panties and for the guys briefs will do. No big boxers! Because the surgeon can't see through them. Make at least 3 pictures. Your face does not have to be on the pictures!

1 taken in front from the collarbone to the knees.

1 taken from the side with your arms raised in front of you

1 taken from the back. All 3 pictures would be taken from collarbone to knee estimated height.

For face pictures we need a close up from the area you want to be treated on+1 front picture and 1 photo taken from the side.

I've gotten my price quote. Why isn't my plane ticket included?

Our clients come from all over the world. Some like to travel the cheapest way, some the most comfortable. Everybody is entitled to travel the way he or she wants to. We do offer help with searching for travel tickets.

I've gotten my price quote. Why aren't my medicines included?

All individuals need another type of post operative care. Some are just fine with antibiotics ,anti inflammatories and pain medicines. While others need more. Therefore we can't include medicines in your package. 

This also includes with any complications you might suffer pre or post surgery. For mayor complications there is a obligatory insurance policy, that we always include in your package. This insurance policy is valid from the time of admission to usually 1 month post-op. (depending on the plastic surgeon this might vary)

I've gotten my price quote. But I want more; girdles,bra's and or massages,etc,etc.

When making your package deal, we keep in mind an estimate of massages,girdles and bras or any other kind of post -op accessory or therapy you might need. If you need more you can purchase them separately there.
For example; we always include 10 post-op massages, but maybe you need more (depending on the person) then you have the opportunity to pay your massage therapist for more massages. Or your package includes 2 post-op bras and or 2 post-op girdles, which are the minimum of what you need with an operation but you want more. This is all no problem! You can purchase those items in Cali at an additional cost.

What happens if I want to go shopping, dining or see a movie?

When you are somewhat recovered, the apartment might be too boring after a while and you need to get away for a moment. Maybe shop for new clothes to match your new looks? Or you want to go out and have dinner, go to the movies? It's all possible!! Transport is included in your package from and to Cali airport and to all of your surgery related appointments. For a small additional  charge we can take you shopping,dining, or to the movies. Please note that food and beverages outside of the recovery apartment are not included in your package and so restaurant visits will be at your own costs, just like movie theaters and clothing ,etc,etc purchased at stores.

We also offer several tours around town, the historical part of Cali, the river and the hills. Go to the Services page to see them all and choose one.

*NOTE:  tours are included in the VIP trips!

Is it possible to do my hair,nails or feet over there?

Of course! We work with beauticians and hairdressers that will gladly do your hair,nails and-or feet. In fact we have a special beauty section at the recovery apartment and house where you can have a moment and relax and get yourself pampered for the day. Manicures and pedicures are quite cheap in Colombia so that's something you should definitely experience there. The manicurist comes at your recovery apartment to do your hands and -or feet.
Now isn't that nice?

What's the food and beverages like provided in the apartment?

You will eat whatever the doctor orders you to eat. He will give us a list of products that your body needs,to help a speedy recovery. A caregiver will prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! Count in a lot of fruits, vegetables and jello! If you have any food allergies or if there are somethings you specifically don't eat, please let us know in advance so we can take that into account. Food ordered to the house is of own expenses.

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