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South- America is very known for it’s many beauties and Cali is known as the Capital of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Cali plastic surgeons will strive for symetry and don’t treat you per ’zone’, something that happens quite a lot in the Netherlands and other countries.

The aftercare and special post-op treatment is of very high quality and is something we don’t have much here.
You could easily have an extreme make-over done!​

For example:

You want to have a liposculpture done, tummy tuck, breastlift and tooth whitening.
You want a nosejob, eyelaser surgery and hair transplantation.
This is all possible!! For a fairly cheap price you can have this done with the best specialists of South -america.

The next specialists are ready to receive you:

- Cerified and acknowledged plastic surgeons
- Gynaecologist/surgeon
- Eyelaser surgeon
- Odontologist
- Hair implant specialist
- Gastric bypass,lap band, sleeve gastrectomy,biliopancreatic diversion,duodenal switch, intragastric balloon

- Laboratory technician
- 24 hour nurse-specialised in post-operative care
- The best in post-operative lymphatic drainage massage!
- laser peeling,hair removal, veins,etc
- permanent make-up artist
- massage therapist ( drainage,slimming,relax)
- beauticians
- manicure/pedicure
- hairdresser


As you can see, there is everything to make you’re extreme make-over into reality, just like on television,but for an affordable price!

Before any kind of plastic surgery you must undergo some medical exams; these include: a blood, heart and urine sample test.




For people that already found a surgeon on their own, we offer a full recovery service!! Apart from stay, this includes Cali airport  pick up & drop off service, 24 hour nurse, daily care,housekeeping, transport to consult,clinic and post operative check ups, food and beverages.

We also have a beautyparlour on the spot!

Please contact us to discuss any details. And check out more information on our recovery house here.


A virtual consult with one of our many specialists,laboratory work, pick up service from and to Cali airport, accomadation, 24 hour nurse, daily care, medical check ups, post-operative treatments & garments, transport and food and beverages.
To make things short, everything you’ll need for your trip!

Beauty tour

This package includes everything from the above packages PLUS accompanied travelling assistant and guide. You won’t have to do anything there, we will do it for you. Important notice, that you will have the possibilities to go consultation hopping if you wish and have a personal translator on the spot. You will travel on a 1 on 1 assistance plan, in complete privacy without others. In this package we offer different small touristic tours. Just outside of Cali to the river Pance, and in Cali around town, the oldest Neighbourhood San Antonio, many malls and experience the nightlife.

Around 3 times a year Calibelleza organises accompanied tours for people who are hesitant to travel by their selfs. This means that we pick a date and if it’s covenient to you ,you can make reservations for this date and calibelleza will coordinate you with other fellow travellers. It’s a great shared experience and includes personal guidance, support and translator!

Consulting fees

Just when going on a personal consult, a virtual consult has a consult fee.

Our consults have standard fee of $120 USD, for that you may choose to do 2 consults with 2 different plastic surgeons.

An additional $20 is charged for a consult with an extra plastic surgeon.

If you decide to book with us- 50% of the consult fee will be deducted from your quote!

What's included?

- Obtaining your personal quote(s)

- Confirming and securing your surgery

- Pre- operative guidance

- Securing your recovery accommodations ( we only work with our own Recovery houses!)

- Daily guidance/ online check ups during your journey

- Post-operative after care advice

- Scheduling your medical visits

- Arranging your personal car service

- Arranging for your private nurse care

- Arranging for your personal cook

- Scheduling tourist activities

- And much more!

Dental consulting fee's, beauty treatments consults and quotes are FREE OF CHARGE!

This also goes for Recovery packages inquiries!!

City Tours

As you might have noticed, in the VIP trip package there are some tours included.

Upon huge requests we now started are offering these tours also to everybody with other kind of packages, or people that just have recovery with us.

Did you know that the usual mandatory time in Cali before surgery is from 3-8 days? Why not do a tour before surgery? Or once recovered before heading home. Get to know some of our beautiful subtropical city.

Trips to nearby malls can be done everyday with one of our staff members and only cost $20,000 colombian pesos.



River Pance/ Rio Pance

$125.000 COP p.p

The Pance River flows along the southern side of Cali city, Colombia, and is a popular place for locals for recreation and leisure activities. It is almost the only river in the city that is not polluted, and people can still swim there. The Pance River is one of the major rivers in Cali. The river is more than 25 kilometres (16 mi) long and flows in a west-east direction into the river Jamundí. The river is one of the main tourist destinations of the inhabitants of Cali and there is a good number of restaurants and recreational parks. El Rio Pance is very cold with temperatures below −9 °C (15 °F). It is famous for its hojaldras, which are a typical snack in Colombia. The hojaldras are about 0.61 metres (2 ft) in diameter and less than 3 millimetres (0.12 in) thick. At the Rio Pance visitors can also buy buñuelos, arepas, empanadas, and different Colombian typical snacks. Sundays is the busiest day as locals gather to relax on their day of.


Price : $125,000 colombian pesos per person. This includes lunch in the best restaurant to eat a typical "San cocho de gallina" made on wood and which comes included in the price.

A tour to this magical place is only done during the week you can make a reservation with one of our staff members.

Cristo Rey

$110.000 COP p.p

Cristo Rey is a statue 26 meters tall located in the Cerro de los Cristales (Hill of the Crystals) in the village of Los Andes, west of the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. The hill is so named because of the large amount of quartz that could be collected in the surrounding area. Going up the hill you will find restaurant next to the road with a view over the city.


By night this view is breathtaking and the fresh air is wonderful !

The restauarants are known for their pizza's but other snacks are available too.


This tour is about 2 hours and can be booked with one of our staff members

- Includes 1 meal and 1 drink.

Shopping Spree!

$90.000 COP p.p

Shopping Spree! Get to know Cali's outlet called el UNICO in the north of the city. All bigger brands have an outlet shop in here.


You can also choose to go to the famous Chipe Chape mall also located in the north and shop more luxorious brands.


This tour is maximum 4 hours and does not include any food and or beveradges.

Tour can be booked by one of our staff members

Cali's oldest historical part of town: La loma

$65,000 COP p.p

Between all the places to highlight we could find “La Loma de la Cruz”, preserved from more than 500 years and where the legend of “La mano Del negro” remains immortal, in a representative sculpture of the colonial era.

At the entrance you may find different art expressions among which stand out the leather goods, the rustic craftworks, the live music events, acrobacy and the culinary presentations with delicious “Empanadas”, “Obleas” and typical candies from the region. If you want to buy a hammock, get a great souvenir or one of those famous wayuu bags- the artisan park is the place to be.


Tour lasts for 2 hours and is only late afternoons/evenings on the weekends.

Including a portion of empanadas with aji or guacamole and beveradges

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Learn Spanish!

Hola! Como estas? Bienvenido a Cali. Hello! How are you? Welcome to Cali.


Spending all that time in the apartment can get quite boring. But if you are not recovered enough to go on one of our tours or visit any other mall ,why not get some Spanish lessons? We offer a Spanish teacher at the convenience of our recovery apartment to teach you in private.

Prices start from 30,000 colombian pesos per hour and packages from 10 hours for 250,000. Contact us for more details and /or to make a package especially made for you!


* This is also great for company!

Beauty treatments get away........

Not interested in plastic surgery? We also offer beauty treatments getaways! Receive the latest in beauty treatments, fillers, threadlifts, prp, laser and massages. Everything is possible! Since we have such a big menu to choose from its best to contact us so we can combine some treatments during a 5-10 or 15 day retreat. Whatever you are looking for we make a package based upon personal wishes. Contact us for details.

Beauty treatment quotes are for FREE


*This is also great for company!

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