Calibelleza Pop up Shop Amsterdam

A large branch of our company is situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There we offer personal meetings with our clientele and certain beauty treatments.

Especially post-operative treatments for our patients from the Netherlands that had surgery with us in Cali or elsewhere.

Further we are specialised in all kinds of meso therapies, beauty treatments,facials, led therapy,lipocavitation,thermo-coagulation,and electrostimulation amonst others. You could come to our beautybar, or ask for our services on location.


Here's our list of beauty treatments and prices.



Post -op therapy

draining massage + ultrasound therapy


Post-op therapy pakket

drenage + ULTRASOON therapy


Vacuum therapy

Anti cellulite treatment


Vacuum therapy pakket van 10

Anti cellulite treatment



afval massages + Ultrasound therapy


ReducT pakket van 10

afval massages + Ultrasound therapy



Get the latest massage in fashion


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cleansing + scrub + mask + creme



skin analysis+ cleansing+ deep cleansing+ blackhead or milia removal + epilation + mask + creme + advice