A bit more about us


                                                              WHAT WE OFFER:

Calibelleza takes care of all matters for your aesthetic /plastic treatment in Cali. We mediate between you and your plastic surgeon and arrange accommodation and transport of the plane to the doctor. In order to provide you with the best facilities on your plastic surgery journey Calibelleza provides you a recovery house with 24 hour nursing included. The nurse in charge has direct contact with the doctor, she keeps a schedule with what you can eat and when you should take medication. She does the laundry and household tasks and you will be cared for in all your needs. On request we also provide you with a hairdresser, beautician, pedicure, manicure, massages and permanent make up artist. Our recovery house is situated in the south of Cali near all the clinics and doctors. In a closed comunity with 24 hour surveillance you will feel safe at all times. We offer free WIFI, TV with some english channels and telephone for your loved ones to call you on. We have an indoor beauty salon where you can enjoy all kinds of treatments in the comfort and privacy of our home. Further you can find; a swimmingpool, gym and children's playground, a patio,balcony and last but not least- hot showers!


                                                               WHY COLOMBIA?

Cali has 2.25 million residents and is known as the city of the Salsa/Rumba (dance) and plastic surgery. Colombia is known for plastic surgery to be performed daily, starting at very young ages. Because of this lots of new techniques and procedures are invented in Cali. A lot of people choose the quality of the Colombian plastic surgeons.
In western countries it normally costs  thousands of euros/dollars for 1 intervention! In Colombia it’s otherwise, the more cosmetic surgery done the cheaper price.




Your treatment will occur in a private clinic in Cali, Colombia. You are there so assured of good care by highly qualified staff. After treatment, you can usually go home or stay overnight  at the clinic.

This will depend on the treatment you are undergoing.



                                                                                     VIRTUAL CONSULT:

During an intake by phone or personally, we’ll discuss the preferred treatment with you and we'll collect information necessary for the plastic surgeon. You will then be directed to start a virtual consultation. A virtual consult can be done directly from the website. It is advisable that photos are taken of the area to be treated. The data collected by us will be forwarded for review to the appropriate plastic surgeon in Cali.After the reaction of the plastic surgeon we will send you a quote with all the info of treatment options available to you and the total price for your treatment, travel,care and lodging.Note: We work with several of the best plastic surgeons of Cali, if you have a preferred surgeon please let us know, so we can arrange a consult with him. Research of the final chosen surgeon is your own responsibility.




                                                                                      HOW WE WORK:​


1.If you like more information about a procedure,Calibelleza or initiate a virtual consult you can contact us by mail, Whatsapp, Skype or phone. Please visit the contact page for more options.

2.We will require some pictures taken of the parts you want to have surgery on.

Most common is from chest to knees;

-1 front,

-1 back and

-1 from the side in underwear and if it’s about the breasts, please take off the bra.

If it’s facial work, then please send us a clear frontal close-up and one close up from the side.

3.Once the photos are received,the doctor will evaluate them and send the price and information of the procedure. If desired we can make an all inclusive package deal. Virtual consults have a cost of $100 usd and for that you can pick up to 2 plastic surgeons. When you book your surgery through us, we will py back a 50% which will be deducted from your quote.

4.If you’re satisfied with the information provided and the price,a date can be reserved for your beauty trip.

5.We will provide you with a ‘what to pack list’ and pre-op careplan .........before leaving.

6. Off you go on your journey! To come back with the looks you desire.


                                                                                  PRE AND POST-OP CARE:



When you arrive in Cali, you'll have an introductory meeting with the surgeon involved in your treatment.

This enables you to make your wishes and expectations of the outcome clear.

The plastic surgeon will create the clearest possible picture of the final result, in the possibilities that he has to perform the treatment in a responsible manner.Further, you have to do some medical examinations! This is mandatory !!

For safety reasons the actual surgery takes place in 3-5 days after landing on Colombian ground!!

During the last days, of your stay in Cali all final check ups will be made by the plastic surgeon and or staff.

Cheyenne Rigaglia, Director & aesthetician
“ together with a team of specialists we will make your trip as comfortable as possible, so you can relax, enjoy and return home with the looks you have always desired ”
Alicia Avila, Headnurse


Alicia is specialised in post-op care of plastic surgery patients, and already doing this job for 29 years!

She works with a team of nurses and assitant nurses to take care of you before & after your surgery.


She , or her staff will also accompany you on your consultations ( they work very close to the doctor) and takes care of you.
Our nurses will make you feel secure, and they will take good care of you so you'll feel like you’re on holiday.