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Extraction of biopolymers/ PMMA?Liquid silicone

We would like to inform everybody that first of all these so called buttock augmentations with substances injected are dangerous and illegal in Colombia! No matter what name they give it-it's mainly silicone gel. Wether you've had booty shots 1 year ago or 10 years ago, one day they will start giving you problems.

The following signs are hints that the silicone gel injected in your body is infecting and atacking healthy cells in your system:

- coloration of the skin, darker patches

- changing of the skin structure

- redness and inflamation

- pain

- heat

- chronic fatigue

You must understand that it's impossible to extract the product for a 100%. Count on 50-80% .......if you're lucky.

One of the main reasons is that this product migrates a lot and a lot of times it attaches itself on nerves and muscles making it impossible to take out.

So why perform surgery if everything can't come out? Well first of all , all the problems that a lot of men and women experience will go down immediately! And it's always better to have as little of this product in your body as possible because the inflamation process will go down or stop completely. So you won't get any major problems in the future.

Unfortunately man and women from all over the world are victim of this procedure. But not all is lost, like many think in their desperation...We might be able to help you! Our main goal is that when the substance is subcutaneous we could remove it by liposculpture.

With this method we can sculpt your buttcks so no worries about deformities you will have none.

In some cases a reconstruction can be done at the same time of the extraction or removal surgery.

We advice on 2 different kind of surgeries:

1. Extraction or removal with J-PLASMA technology

J-Plasma is excellent for treating flacid skin, something very normal with liposculpture and more with bioplymer removal.

The surgeon ,with this technique ,is able to get a good portion out, while molding the buttocks in a nicely shape.

2. Extraction + reconstruction with fatgrafting AND endoscopic butt lift!

In some cases it's possible to do a reconstruction at the same time leaving you with even better buttocks!

Together with specialists we have made a reconstructive surgery plan. -YES this is not plastic but reconstructive!

1. Start a virtual consult. Don't be ashamed! With you there are milions.

2. When arriving in Cali you will need to do a MRI scan- if you want you can take one in your country. But the MRI must be recent.

3. Then we go see the specialist/plastic surgeon to discuss your MRI, expectations and results.

4. Sometimes depending on the state of the substance you will be put on special medications before surgery!

This can go for a couple of days to 2 weeks prior (when infected)

5. Surgery

6 Post operative treatments are a MUST!!! More so then with plastic surgery. Make sure to find a qualified aestetician in your area.

Post operative treatments are:

- Draining massages

- Radiofrequency

- EMS muscle stimulation sessions

- Mesotherapy with special vitamins

- IV therapy to enforce the inmune system

Note that after surgery you will suffer from flacidity. This is normal but that's why you keep on treating your buttocks with everything mentioned above. However with J-PLASMA this is minum!!!

Also if you have discoloration know that this will never go away completely but with vitamin injections and treatments we can improve the skin tone.

Patients that psychologically are in stress should not have this operation. Only the ones that want to better their situation.

If you understand everything mentioned and you want or need help then don't hesitate to contact us, as a solution is just 1 phone call away!

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